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Derek Chauvin jurors were split until this one aspect changed their minds to a guilty verdict

On Thursday, Don Lemon interviewed some of the jurors from the Derek Chauvin trail, who were speaking up for the first time. The former Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd was found guilty on all three charges back in April, but the jurors admitted that they were originally split on the third-degree murder charge, that is, until they finally had a breakthrough. Juror, Nicole Deters, said, “At some point I think it was Jodi, I’m pretty sure it was Jodi said, ‘Wait a minute, does the intended act of harm have to be the death of George Floyd, or can it be him not providing the life support?'” Jodi Doud went on to explain her thought process that eventually changed people’s minds. “I brought up the fact that this is not what he did but more or less what he didn’t do. He did not provide lifesaving measures for George Floyd when he knew that the guy was in pain or needed medical attention,” said Doud.


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